Based on my education and training as well as my multifaceted experience I can offer you the following support:

Quality development

Counseling about implementation and optimisation of evidence-based medicine

Selection and assessment of quality goals as well as indicators regarding structure, processes and outomes

Establishment and implementation of improvement projects

Process development and supervision

Organisation and implementation of evaluation studies regarding goal attainment


Evaluation of new structures, processes, therapy methods on the systems and institutional level under consideration of all relevant stakeholder groups

Monitoring of the introduction of innovations in health services

Health Technology Assessments regarding your products and services

Research, data management and statistics

Organization of data collections for routine application and projects

Planning and realisation of statistical analyses as well as reporting

Interpretation of results from internal and external reportings, e.g. national measurements

Discussion of results and counseling about the deduction of interventions

Support regarding research aims and project administration in the application of research funding and implementation of research and innovation projects

Training and continuous education

Seminars and courses about

* Psychology of learning and cognition, e.g. problem solving

* Social psychology, e.g. work in groups, social influence

* Health psychology (e.g. health behaviour in everyday life)

* Evidence-based medicine

* Research methodology, e.g. pilosophy of science, research design, applied statistics, meta-analysis/systematic reviews and meta-evaluation

Support for master or doctoral theses in psychology, health and rehabilitation sciences and social medicine

Advice around statistics and research methods

Good Life

Are you in a crisis of meaning? Have you got stuck in a development that doesn't want to progress? Do you want to find out what does you good, but you don't know where to search? In the field between body and mind, work and gladness, nature and spirituality, psychology and philosophy you can find the steps that personally fit you. I show you where you can search, help you to define your goals, and support you underway.

I do not offer treatment for mental disorders or diseases.

Agriculture, foresting and craftswork
The tractor doesn’t run too fast, therefore I can only offer my agricultural services in the vicinity of Gällared. If you still want to know more about that, please click here (only in Swedish)