In different positions and environments I have learnt to regard quality as an innovation process which can only succeed with ambitioned aims, a good data basis, systematic work and enthusiasm to change.

The necessary tools are at hand.

On this website you find information about my experiences and offers. If you have detected something that might be useful for you, or if you with more information, I am glad if you contact me.

What I am doing

I support you in the examination of the current state, the analysis of the data, the determination of strategic goals, the concrete steps towards there and in the evaluation of the achieved goals.

Besides "hard" facts, social factors are considered as well.

Why me?

Training and continuous education, psychology and innovation research, scientific methodology and personal experience have compacted in me to a picture of how development and improvement projects can be implemented successfully.

Thereof you should also benefit.

Important for me

In your profession or in private life, it is not easy to see things just as they are. Particularly if one wants to reach high goals one should start with a serious analysis of the actual situation on the basis of solid data, in order to select the best strategy and the right steps. To this I want to contribute in your projects.