Diagram with results from Olliges et al. (2021)

New publication, larger part of the statistical analyses by me:

Olliges, E., Bührlen, B., Fischer, F., Boesecke, C., Kümmerle, T., Schneider, J., Weidlich, S., Cordes, C., Heiken, H., Stellbrink, H.-J., Krznaric, I., Scholten, S., Jensen, B. E.-O., Wolf, E., Ronel, J., Spinner, C. D., & on behalf of the DUALIS STUDY GROUP. (2021). Health-related quality-of-life in people living with HIV after switching to dual therapy with ritonavir-boosted darunavir + dolutegravir: A DUALIS sub-study. AIDS Care, 1–10.
Picture of various pills

How many years have passed since I was able to make a contribution to an AIDS conference! But this year I had the chance to analyze data from a clinical study and present the results on a poster.

Ronel, J., Bührlen, B., Fischer, F., Boesecke, C., Kümmerle, T., Schneider, J., … The DUALIS Study Group. (2019, November 6). A switch to dolutegravir in combination with boosted darunavir is safe and effective in suppressed patients with HIV - a predefined psychosocial subanalysis of the DUALIS study. Poster presented at the 17th European AIDS Conference, Basel, Switzerland. Download:

And I learned a lot about R during this undertaking! A whole world of statistics and more.

I am participating in the Social Lab Health of the EU NewHoRRIzon project. A first workshop took place in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, in June, and the second one in Milano, Italy, in November 2018. The aim is to develop ways how research (research policy, agenda setting, researchers) and society as a whole and stakeholder groups (users of research, patients etc.) can interact more efficiently in order to make research more responsive to the needs of these groups and its results more useful. We are testing our ideas in small projects.

This work is voluntary. Inspiration by Dante (see picture), italian design following Leonardo da Vinci in Milano, and interesting participants are compensation enough.

Organizer: European Commission, DG RTD

Date: 2018-09-10 - 2018-09-13

Location: Brussels, Belgium


Date: 2017-05-30 - 31

Location: Jönköping


Date: 2016-12-01

Location: Halmstad

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