Inventory of the treatment situation before and while obtaining an invalidity pension. Feasibility study (BSV-Nr. C11_05)

About every sixth citizen of Switzerland suffers from a clinically relevant mental disorder. Compared to that few patients are seen by psychiatric caretakers. A possible undersupply with psychiatric-psychotherapeutic treatments could among others be a reason for the fact that mental disorders have become the most frequent cause of pensions because of invalidity. In order to obtain an optimal state of health in the population and to avoid as many invalidity-caused premature pensions as possible, improving the psychiatric-psychotherapeutic care has become a focus of the invalidity pension insurance (IV). The quality of care of insured persons should therefore be analysed more closely. However it was unclear how much of the necessary information could be found in the dossiers of the invalidity insurance.

By order of the Swiss Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) it was analysed in the form of a feasibility study which information regarding the treatment biography can be found in and analysed systematically from the IV dossiers. After a conceptional starting phase, in which a plan for drawing a reliable sample of dossiers as well as the instruments for the data collection were developed, the data were collected in two steps: In a briefer "quick coding" 120 IV dossiers were primarily analysed regarding which relevant characteristics of the health status, treatments etc. were documented at all. These data were analysed quantitatively. Twelve of these dossiers were then coded in more detail and not only the existence but also the content of the indicators was recorded. This comprehensive characterisation of the dossiers was used for a qualitative data analysis.

Duration: 01 July 2012 – 30 April 2013

Funding: Swiss Federal Social Insurance Office

Coordination: Peter Rüesch (ZHAW); Bernhard Bührlen (UPKBS)

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