MetaForum "Innovation for more health"

The "MetaForum Innovation for more Health" started as a project at Fraunhofer ISI under the leadership of Bernhard Bührlen, including a series of three conferences 2007-2009. It is now a private non-profit association for the promotion of innovation in healthcare, developing concepts and carrying out discussion events to foster interaction between all relevant stakeholders with a focus on policy-makers.

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Evaluation of the KTI Initiative MedTech 1998-2003

As a funding agency for innovation, the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI/CTI) supports joint projects of enterprises and research institutions. Based on a study by Fraunhofer ISI from 1996, the KTI Initiative MedTech started its project funding in 1998. Flanking that, communication activities, support of SMEs in quality assurance, coaching of start-ups, identification of new problem areas and challenges as well as of existing competencies, agency of contacts and of market information about medical technology were offered as accompanying measures.

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