My most important publications in different areas.

Ronel, J., Bührlen, B., Fischer, F., Boesecke, C., Kümmerle, T., Schneider, J., … The DUALIS Study Group. (2019, November 6). A switch to dolutegravir in combination with boosted darunavir is safe and effective in suppressed patients with HIV - a predefined psychosocial subanalysis of the DUALIS study. Poster presented at the 17th European AIDS Conference, Basel, Switzerland. Download:

Bührlen, B., McKernan, S., Harfst, E. & Laxdal, K. (2015). Development and methodological analysis of the national measurements inpatient psychiatry for adults. Bern: National association for the development of quality in hospitals and clinics (ANQ). Download here.

Bührlen, B., McKernan, S., & Harfst, E. (2014/09/10). Analyses ANQ Psychiatry 2013: Approach and Results. Presentation at the Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Basel, Switzerland, 10 Sept. 2014.

Bührlen, B. (2014, Jan.). Methods in Psychiatry Part I: Evidence, Research designs, Quality Management. Lecture within the curriculum for future psychiatrists of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), Basel, Thursday, 9 January 2014.