A bit back to the roots

How many years have passed since I was able to make a contribution to an AIDS conference! But this year I had the chance to analyze data from a clinical study and present the results on a poster.

Ronel, J., Bührlen, B., Fischer, F., Boesecke, C., Kümmerle, T., Schneider, J., … The DUALIS Study Group. (2019, November 6). A switch to dolutegravir in combination with boosted darunavir is safe and effective in suppressed patients with HIV - a predefined psychosocial subanalysis of the DUALIS study. Poster presented at the 17th European AIDS Conference, Basel, Switzerland. Download: http://resourcelibrary.eacs.cyim.com/mediatheque/media.aspx?mediaId=78238&channel=28172

And I learned a lot about R during this undertaking! A whole world of statistics and more.